"At Playful Minds, we believe that healthy hearts and minds are playful ones."


Sometimes being a kid is hard work. Our children are faced with a myriad of confusing emotions and life challenges every day.

Anxiety. Grief. Depression. Stress. Emotional issues. Anger. Bullying. Friendship difficulties.

When kids experience these overwhelming emotions, they may struggle to cope or their behaviour may change. They may act out or withdraw from the world. They may become quiet, tearful or angry.

We all want to help kids express their emotions in a positive way. But sometimes words just aren’t enough


our story

"Hi. I'm Natalie Mackenzie. I'm a dramatherapist and the founder of Playful Minds. Dramatherapy is a fun, creative and compassionate approach to therapy. We work with kids to help them manage and express their emotions safely through storytelling, drama and play. Through individual and group dramatherapy sessions and therapeutic workshops, we work with communities, schools, parents and teachers to help kids deal with the serious stuff"

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what we offer

Are you a teacher, school counsellor or school principal or community organisation leader who’s passionate about making your students feel heard, valued and understood?

You may be a parent with a child who’s struggling to cope with their emotions and you’re not sure where to turn for help.

Dramatherapy helps children express themselves through creative dramatic play and find a way to understand and deal with the complex world around them.

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