Playful Minds offers a creative solution to tricky problems.

When kids face life challenges and don't know how to cope, they may act out or change their behaviour suddenly. They can become anxious, angry, stressed, depressed or they may have difficulty making friends.

Dramatherapy is a psychological therapy that uses storytelling, drama and other creative interventions to help children feel empowered and understood. We don’t sit down in a scary room with bright lights and talk about your problems. It’s a fun and playful approach to therapy. We play. We create stories and imaginary lands. We play pretend and become different characters. We use a wide range of creative techniques to help your children explore and express what cannot be said.

We support your children and foster their emotional wellbeing through the power of creativity and play.

Individual and Group Dramatherapy

We work with schools, teachers, parents and children to make sure kids feel heard, valued and understood.

In our group dramatherapy sessions, we work in small groups of up to 8 children where we encourage each child to not only explore their thoughts and feelings, but to find their own ways to cope with them on their own.

Some children feel more comfortable to express their feelings in a one-on-one session. Our individual dramatherapy sessions offer a chance to explore each child’s feelings and emotional issues in a more intimate setting.

If you are interested in individual or group dramatherapy sessions for your child or you are a school or organisation looking for a creative therapeutic program to add to your service, please contact Natalie on 0423 488 370 or email to discuss.

what you can expect in a session

  • Tailored therapy: We tailor our therapy to your child’s needs. We can focus on a particular theme such as family, anger, friendship or loss or we can operate in a more fluid, open and creative way to allow emotions to emerge naturally.
  • Fun, child-friendly approach: We don’t just sit around and talk. We help your child explore his or her thoughts and feelings through fun, non-threatening activities that make them feel comfortable and safe.
  • Learn with the whole body: We believe in engaging the mind, body and imagination to help children exercise the power of self-reflection and emotional expression.
  • Building confidence and social skills: Through playful activities, children engage with the group, take turns, create, use their collective imaginations and learn to work as a team.
  • Role play: Drama offers the opportunity to step into a new character. A withdrawn or shy child can play the brave or strong role and a bully can experience the situation from the perspective of being bullied.
  • Rehearsing new ways of coping: We allow children to rehearse other ways of responding or reacting to situations. This gives them a repertoire of coping mechanisms.
  • Creative distance: Sometimes talking about your own story is too difficult. Imaginative stories offer a safe distance for children to explore their issues in a hypothetical way.

To find our more about how we can help you, contact Natalie on 0423 488 370 or email to discuss.